1960s Disco Hire

1960s Disco Hire, Oxford, Oxfordshire
A 1960s disco hire can make for a fun night especially as the decade was full of so much wonderful music.
If Rock n Roll had been a symbol of youth rebellion in the 1950s it was all about to change in the 1960s.
Whilst Rock n Roll still made the charts we saw the rebellion of music in the 1950s taking firm hold in the 1960s. Folk music making the charts through artists like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. We saw the fusion of rock and roll with blues creating a new rock genre, soul which had begun in the 1950s made a real breakthrough.
Music was changing fast the Beatles hit the scene and Britain became a global player in the music industry. In the USA we saw R&B developing into funk with artists like James Brown.
Motown hit the scene taking soul household, and we saw music influenced by politics with it reflecting anti war sentiments of the generation.
Music was now also a way to demonstrate to make people aware politically, songs such as Eve Of Destruction, For What Its Worth, Blowin' In The Wind being a part of that.
We saw people embracing the hippy culture, flower power, peace love and happiness.
It was a decade of vast musical change and vast social change too.
We saw the first ever festival at what came to be known as Woodstock and which has spawned so many others since.
A 60s disco allows you to experience the music of these wonderful changing times taking you back to a bygone decade.
So if you are looking for that perfect 1960s Disco Hire for your event or theme please .

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All our discos are up to 4 hours duration prior to midnight.

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