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Fun Quizzes & Quiz Nights, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Quizzes and quiz nights can be a lot of fun.
It is great to see teams of players competing against each other, they may be teams of family members or a team made up of friends.
In recent years quiz nights have really taken off with some regular ones well supported and held weekly.
Quiz nights are just as effective though if held monthly in places where it is hard for teams to meet weekly.
Every quiz night always has a competitive spirit.

Quizzes also make a change at events, they can be great tools for team building.

Quizzes from First Impressions consist of 4 rounds, each round consisting of either 10 or 15 questions.
If you wish we can tailor rounds to specific subjects, or which is more popular, have a general knowledge round and a music round with the other 2 rounds varying.
This will allow for a wide range of subjects to be covered.
We can discuss your individual requirements with you.

We will supply all the pens and answer sheets for the quiz, it is up to the organiser to supply the prizes, we usually recommend a prize for the winner of each round.
We recommend capping a teams maximum size at 6 players this makes it fair for everyone although smaller teams can enter too.

A quiz will typically take up to 2 hours depending on number of teams and the time required to mark each round.
Whilst the marking is taking place we will always put on background music.
We write all our own quizzes and they are not used over and over again in multiple venues. We often hear of people going to a quiz at one venue then going to a quiz at another and finding the questions at both are identical.

If you want a regular quiz and a rolling jackpot we can talk through the options with you.

First Impressions Quiz Nights cover Oxford and Oxfordshire (Oxon). Other areas by agreement if part of a package.

Prices Start At £70.00