1970s Disco Hire

1970s Disco Hire, Oxford, Oxfordshire
A 1970s disco hire will allow you to relive the music from that great decade in which the mobile DJ really grew and became a fixture of the events scene we see now.
The 70s Disco was really the archetype for the nightclubs of today.
In the early days these venues for the most part played either soul, rock or a mix of both. Innovative 70s disco venues also played funk and were considered a little underground.
The mid 1970s saw a major change with the release of Saturday Night Fever. Love or hate the film it changed discos forever.
We saw disco specific music coming to the fore. Soul and funk combining to create this new disco beat, we also saw Jazz Funk hit the scene (see our specialist discos).
It was a time of change in nightclubs as discos embraced a new sound for the dance floor.
We also saw the advent of Glam Rock, Punk Rock, Reggae breaking through more in the UK and a revival of Rock n Roll. Pop music changed and we saw new super groups emerging like Abba.
As much as the 1960s had changed music so did the 1970s. We saw fashions following music with punk and disco and the rebellion of the youth, like the 1960s, continuing apace.
If you are looking capture that era with a 1970s Disco Hire for your event please .

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