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Bride And Groom
Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. At First Impressions we know just how important the day will be to you and how the memories will be with you lifelong.
When you arrange your wedding disco hire with First Impressions you will always get myself, Paul Sims.
I have had the honour to be part of so many couples happy day as their DJ.
When you book a professional wedding DJ you are placing your trust in that DJ to make sure your entertainment is what you want.
Every wedding is as unique as the couple getting married, no two are ever the same, and your wedding entertainment will be tailored especially to you.

Male Wedding - Same Sex Couples
Bride And Groom
Female Wedding - Same Sex Couples

Oxford in the beautiful county of Oxfordshire is the city of dreaming spires where we will help you make your dream wedding come true.


Your First Dance

Weddings Oxfordshire
Your first dance as a married couple will be a focal point of your day and of your entertainment.
Many couples are nervous but as your DJ I will help you enjoy that special moment. People often ask what is a good first song? There is no right or wrong choice, it should be a song that you love or that has special meaning to you, it is YOUR song.
If you want family and friends to join you on the dance floor after a minute or so that is fine.

Some couples like to be traditional and after the first dance the bride will dance with her father while the groom dances with his mother. There is nothing that says you have to do that if you don't wish too.
I will talk through all the options with you so that your wedding entertainment is totally bespoke.


Your Reception Party

Wedding Guests Dancing
A great DJ doesn't just play music, they create the soundtrack of your wedding. A great DJ will be your wedding equivalent of, multi Oscar winning, composer John Williams.
There is currently a selection of around 23,000 tracks to choose from in our music library, covering the charts from the 1950's to present day, and which is constantly added to.
Our music library also contains music from the pre-1950s as well as music from the classical genres too.
There really is something for pretty much all tastes and audiences, so you will not be disappointed.
I will discuss your favourite songs, your must plays. We will also look at the songs you dislike and make sure to avoid them by adding them to the do not play list.
You can ask your family and friends for suggestions too and of course we will be here for you the entire process.
To assist you in this you will have access to our online music database and our client area tools to help you plan your wedding how you want it to be.
We want to not only help bring two families together on the dance floor but also your friends too in a celebration of your marriage.
We want to create an atmosphere that you and your guests will remember for all the right reasons, and to help make your wedding day truly special.


Why Choose First Impressions Wedding Disco Hire

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I am asking you to trust me with your big day, to share it with me.
When my wife and I got married we did it our way, my wife wanted to get married on a beach and I made sure she had the day she wanted.
We both love rock music, and she walked down the aisle, or rather beach, to Love Walked In by Thunder.
Our First Dance was Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

I want to give you the same wonderful memories that my wife and I both share, of our wedding day, on your wedding day.
My aim as a professional wedding DJ, is to make your wedding day the special one you want, as I did for my bride.
I want to not just meet your expectations but exceed them.
This is why I offer our . If you haven't already taken a look at it please do by clicking the link.

With myself and First Impressions you can put yourself in safe hands.

First Impressions cover Oxford, Oxfordshire (Oxon), Berkshire (Berks), Buckinghamshire (Bucks) and London. Other areas by agreement.

All our shows are up to 4 hours duration prior to midnight.

Prices Start At £500.00