1990s Disco Hire

1990s Disco Hire, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Our 1990s disco hire can cover the entire musical spectrum of the 1990s or just a particular genre if you prefer.
It was a decade where people wanted more than just a mobile DJ playing music. They wanted atmosphere from a 90s disco, they wanted the sounds of the charts and of the club dance floors. They wanted the lighting and smoke of the clubs and good sound quality. People expectations had grown and it was up to the mobile DJ to rise to the challenge.
Music developed at a pace in the 90s. Home computers allowed people to create music in their own homes and suddenly apart from tracks produced in recording studios we had tracks created in someones bedroom.
We saw a retro revival as Brit Pop hit the scene, especially in the North West. In Manchester and Liverpool, which had been a big part of the 60s music scene, we saw groups like Oasis, Happy Mondays, LAs, Boo Radleys and Lightning Seeds all adding to the musical diversity of this historically musical region.
Dance music, due to sampling, took on new heights, deep base synth tones with hardcore keyboard overtones all held together by an electronic drum beat. You couldn't help but tap your feet to artists such as Snap, 2 Unlimited, N-Trance, Faithless and many more.
Reggae became a big feature in the 1990s following its success in the 80s, and Hip Hop became more mainstream.
We had teeny pop, the rise of the boy bands, girl power in the form of the Spice Girls and so much more.
If you want to revisit such a diverse decade musically with a 90s Disco please with your enquiry.

First Impressions Discos cover Oxford, Oxfordshire (Oxon), Berkshire (Berks), Buckinghamshire (Bucks) and London. Other areas by agreement.

All our discos are up to 4 hours duration prior to midnight.

Prices Start At £400.00