Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find a range of frequently asked questions and the answers to them.
You will find them divided into sections to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

The list of questions is not meant to be exhaustive, if you cannot find the answer to a question, please check our Term & Conditions and Privacy Policy as they may answer it for you.
If you still cannot find an answer to a question you might have please just ask us.
Using the quick links you can find the various FAQ sections quickly and go straight to them.

General Hire Questions:

Below you will find a range of the more general hire questions and answers to them.

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How much does a disco cost?
Our discos vary in price depending on what a client is looking for. Our base price is below the information on each disco service on the relevant page.
The base price is the minimum charge for that service.

What is the length of performance time?
Our base price covers a performance time of up to 4 hours prior to midnight which is usually enough for most events. The base price is listed on the relevant hire pages.

How long does it take you to set up?
We usually ask for an hour to set up before the performance and an hour after to break down.
Depending on size of show we made need up to one and a half hours either side of the performance.
If you require anything special we will let you know the time required for setup and breakdown.

Will I get a written contract?
Yes. We require signed written contracts for our and your legal protection.

Do you charge a booking fee?
Yes. We charge a non refundable booking fee of £50.00.

At what stage is my booking fully confirmed and active?
Your booking will be fully confirmed and active once we have received a returned signed contract and your booking fee has cleared at our bank.

Can I amend my contract with you?
A contract can only be amended by the agreement in writing of First Impressions Discos. No amendment can be agreed by any other party.
You cannot arbitrarily add or subtract anything from a contract.

When is the balance of your fee due?
The balance of the agreed fee is required to be cleared within our account no later than 30 days prior to the event unless this has been otherwise agreed.

Are there cancellation fees?
Yes. These are outlined in our

Do you really guarantee your service?
We absolutely guarantee our service. We are not here to rip people off but to provide what we hope is the level of service a client wants.
If you want to know more about our guarantee please visit the relevant page.

What areas do you cover?
We prefer to work in and around Oxfordshire but are happy to travel further afield. We are normally able to work in Berkshire (Berks) and also in Buckinghamshire (Bucks) as well as London.
We have supplied bookings all over England and Wales in the past so if you are seeking something further afield we are happy to discuss it with you.

Do you work in marquees?
Yes. We have worked in Marquees in the past. We do require a safe power supply and for the area we are performing in to be clean and dry.

How will the DJ dress?
The DJ will always dress at the very least in shirt and trousers.
They will not perform wearing jeans and a T shirt.
If you require a certain dress code you can advise at time of booking.

What happens if the DJ falls ill?
In the event of illness First Impressions Discos will always try and arrange for your event to be covered at no extra expense to yourself.

I have a friend who is a DJ, can they do a spot at the event?
Unfortunately we have to say no. They will not be covered by our insurance and should anything go wrong we would be liable.

How far in advance of my event should I place a booking?
We usually advise at least 3 months (90 days) prior to your event.
If you are getting married then we suggest booking at a similar time to booking the venue, this means you should have plenty of time to organise everything.

If I have any concerns on the day can I discuss them with you?
Of course you can. We are here to help you. We want your event to run as smoothly as possible and we know something can always happen last minute.

Can I come and watch you performing?
It would be nice to be able to say yes but unfortunately we must decline and say no.
Our clients events are almost always private, which means they would not want us inviting strangers along.
If you are getting married would you want total strangers just turning up to see how the DJ performs?
Also every event is different, what one client may want could be totally different to what you want. So what you see would be tailored to them which at the very least might give a distorted view.

I do not have access to the clients area?
We will send you details once your booking is confirmed on how to access the clients area.
The client area is a special part of the site you will have your own login etc.

If you are unavailable do you recommend a DJ we can try?
Yes we recommend Dave Buckett of Incandescence Discos.
Dave is very professional and has been working in the industry for a long time.
You can use this link to visit his website .


Music, Sound & Lighting Questions:

Below you will find a range of the more general questions regarding music, sound and lighting as well as answers to them.

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Do you use strobe lights?
We do not typically use strobe lighting, however all disco lights flash and may cause photo sensitive epilepsy.
We always recommend you advise guests who may be at risk to not look directly into the lights and to take precautions if they feel there may be an issue.

Do you use lasers?
We have a number of lasers that we use at events. These are always mounted at a safe height.

Does your lighting get very hot?
Nowadays we use lighting powered by LED technology so remains fairly cool. We do however still have some that uses bulbs still and which can get very hot and burn if touched although it has not been used for quite some time.

How loud is the music likely to be?
We always try to keep the music level at a volume where it is comfortable for you and your guests.
We try not to put speakers too close to seating, making it easier for people to talk, however sometimes that is not always possible.

Will you just play music?
We know sometimes a DJ will say nothing all night, sometimes a client may want that and have requested such but that is rare for us.
Your DJ will not just play music but help bring your event to life interacting with you and your guests. If you require announcements they can be made too so helping your event run smoothly.
Please note however we do not do party games, unless something has been agreed specifically in advance.

Can we submit a playlist in advance?
Of course you can. In fact we will give you access to our client only area to do just that.

Will you take requests at the event?
We will certainly take requests at the event unless you have specifically instructed us otherwise.

What if you do not have a song we want?
We will try to obtain it in advance of your event. Not all tracks are available so if we cannot get it we will ask you to supply a copy in digital mp3 format at least 14 days prior to the event assuming you have the particular track yourselves.

Can you cater for all ages?
Yes we can. Our music library covers the charts from the 1950s to present day and also a wide range of music styles.
We have around 23,000 tracks currently which is always expanding.

Do you use smoke machines or hazers?
We use hazers as these produce a lower output than a smoke machine. They also help to enhance the lighting.
Some venues have sensitive fire detection so a client should always check with the venue about our ability to use them.

Can you supply up-lighting to light up drapes?
Yes we can supply up-lighting to create colour if required.



Below you will find a range of the more general questions regarding karaoke as well as answers to them.

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How many karaoke songs do you have?
The current number is around 17,800 karaoke tracks.

Will you supply song books and request slips?
We no longer use either. With the amount of songs we have songbooks are pretty much a waste of time as they would be so thick people would not want to spend the time going through them.

How do we make a song request?
Just come and ask for the song you want. We will check if we have it and if we do add you and the song you wish to sing to the list.
We can also search by artist and show you what songs we have by them as well.

Do you stream karaoke songs from the internet?
We do not stream any songs from the internet.
It is illegal to do so and can break copyright and other laws.

Will you supply a screen with the words on for the singers?
We always supply a screen for the singers to show them the words.

How many microphones will you supply for the singers?
We always supply 2 radio microphones for use by singers. This means we remove the trip hazard of trailing microphone leads.
The presenter will have their own microphone which is not for use by anyone else.

How many singers can take part at once?
For safety reasons we limit it to a maximum of 4 singers at any one time. That means 2 each sharing a microphone.

Do you treat all singers the same?
Yes we do. It doesn't matter about ability. We will always try to let each person in the queue sing a song BEFORE allowing someone to sing a second song.
This includes people who try and get around it by putting themselves with multiple friends. We give everyone a fair chance.

Someone put in multiple songs will they get to sing them all?
If no one wants to sing and they are the only one it is possible. However just because they put multiple songs in before anyone else does not mean they will get to sing them before someone has sung one song.
All singers will be done on rotation to be fair to all.

Can you change the key of a song if requested?
Yes. We have the ability to raise or lower the key of a song for those who require it or ask us to.

How long does a karaoke last for?
The performance time is up to 3 hours prior to midnight.


Quizzes & Quiz Nights:

Below you will find a range of the more general questions regarding quizzes and quiz nights as well as answers to them.

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Are quizzes popular?
Yes they are. You only have to look at how many there are on TV to see how much people enjoy them.

Are your quizzes tailored?
Our quizzes can be tailored to your requirements. Most of the time there will be a fairly generic mixture of questions.

How much does a quiz cost?
Prices start at £70.00 plus VAT.

Who supplies the quiz prizes?
Prizes are supplied by the organiser.

How many rounds are there in a typical quiz?
There are usually 4 rounds.

Do you supply answer sheets and pens for players to use?
Yes we supply answer sheets and pens as well as a sound system so everyone can hear the questions.

How long does a typical quiz last for?
A quiz normally lasts for about 2 hours depending on number of teams and the time it takes to mark the answers.

If children will be present can you do a round just for them?
Yes of course we can, and would be delighted to do so.

If we wanted a regular quiz night is that possible?
A regular quiz night is possible taking into account our availability.

How many questions are there per round?
There will be either 10 or 15 questions in a round, some questions may also have multiple answers.

Who writes your quizzes?
We write all our own quizzes.


Legal & Safety:

Below you will find a range of the more general questions regarding legal issues as well as answers to them.

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Do you carry public liability insurance?
Yes were are fully ensured for public liability and have cover at £10,000,000 (10 million).

Do you have your equipment PAT certified?
Yes where applicable we have equipment PAT certified.

Do you have a ProDub licence?
Yes we have a ProDub licence.
We have one to cover us transferring Music CDs to digital format.
We have a second to cover us for converting our Karaoke CD's to digital format.

If a guest or venue employee damages your equipment am I liable?
In making a booking with us you indemnify us for any damages caused to our equipment by your guests or venue staff.
This is fully laid out in our Terms & Conditions.

If I have to cancel an event due to covid-19 am I still liable?
No you would not be liable. However such a cancellation would have to be due to following government regulations at the time.
You cannot just cancel and blame covid-19.
We are all aware of the effects of such things as social distancing, lock-downs as well as numbers at events.
You will find the Force Majeur clause in our Terms & Conditions.

Do the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy form part of any contract?
Yes they are both an integral part of any contract.

Will you send us the relevant documents should we need them?
All the relevant documents are on our PDF page. You can view them and download and print them from there.
If a venue asks for them you can just direct them to the PDF page on our site for them to view and/or print them.
This keeps things simple and also means less can go astray.